US-100 Ultrasonic Sensor


Long Distance Measurement @ maximum of 450cm

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Circuit board 20 * 45 mm module thickness 15mm

1, the module performance is stable, the measurement distance is accurate:
Module high precision, blind (2cm), stable range

2, the main technical parameters:
1) Use voltage: DC5V
2) Quiescent current: less than 2mA
3) Level output: high 5V
4) Level output: Bottom 0V
5) Induction angle: not more than 15 degrees
6) Detection distance: 2cm-450cm
7) high precision: up to 1mm

3. Wiring method:

VCC, trig (control), echo (receive), GND

4. How to use:
A control port made a high level of more than 10US, you can wait for a high level output at the receiving port.I can have a timer output timer, when the port goes low can read the value of the timer, this When the distance for the distance, can be calculated from the distance. Such a constant cycle test, you can achieve the value of your mobile measurement ~ ~

5. Module works:
(1) using IO trigger range, to at least 10us high signal;
(2) module automatically send 8 40khz square wave, automatically detect whether there is a signal to return;
(3) a signal to return, through the IO output a high level, high time is the duration of ultrasound from the launch to the return time. Test distance = (high time * sound velocity (340M / s)) / 2;

US-100 Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Module

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 2 mm


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