Voice Recognition Module


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The speech recognition module is a compact and easy to control speech recognition board. This product is a speech recognition module associated with the speaker.It supports up to 80 voice commands.Up to 7 voice commands can work simultaneously. Any sound can be trained as a command. The user needs to train the module first before any voice commands can be identified.

The board has two control methods: Serial port (Full Function), General purpose input pin( Part of Function).

The general purpose output pins on the board can generate multiple waveforms while identifying the corresponding voice commands.


Voltage: 4.4 -5.5 V

Current:<40 mA

Digital Port: UART Port and GPIO 5V TTL Level

Simulate Port: 3.5mm mono microphone connector and microphone pin interface

Size: 31 mm * 50 mm

Recognition accuracy: 99% (in an ideal environment)

Supports up to 80 voice commands, 1500ms per voice (one or two words)

Up to 7 voice commands are valid at the same time

Provide for Arduino library

Easy to control: UART/GPIO

User controlled general purpose pinout


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