Zener diode 1n4733a 5.1v #914


Zener diode 1n4733a 5.1v

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The “1N4733A” is a specific type of Zener diode, and “5.1V” is its Zener voltage or breakdown voltage. Here’s what this information means:

– **Zener Diode (1N4733A)**: The “1N4733A” is a part number that identifies a specific type of Zener diode. The “1N” prefix is commonly used for diodes, and the “4733” is a part number specific to this Zener diode. Different part numbers denote different Zener diodes with varying voltage and power specifications.

– **5.1V (Zener Voltage)**: The “5.1V” indicates the Zener voltage or breakdown voltage of this particular Zener diode. When you apply a voltage across the diode in the reverse-biased direction (anode connected to a higher voltage than the cathode), it will conduct current when the voltage reaches or exceeds 5.1 volts. Below this voltage, the diode remains non-conductive. This property makes Zener diodes useful for voltage regulation and voltage reference applications.

Zener diodes are commonly used in electronics to stabilize voltage levels, protect circuits from overvoltage, and provide reference voltages in various applications. The Zener voltage (in this case, 5.1V) is a crucial parameter because it determines the specific voltage at which the diode will regulate or “breakdown.”


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