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A relimate connector normally consist of a male connector which is soldered to the PCB & the female part consists of crimped wires at one end and other end can be bare open or can consist of a female part on other end.

Relimate connector are one of the most widely used connectors it is used extensively in industries and also hobbyist students in their projects to connect power supply, sensors, LCD etc to your main circuit board. It can also be used to connect two boards to each other.

This is a high quality SHS type straight 2 pin Relimate connector. It consists of

  • 2 Pin straight Mount male header with 2.54mm spacing
  • 2 Pin female wire connector with 30cm wire open at other end
    Features of 3 Pin Relimate Connector
    • Number of Pins : 2
    • Type : SHS Straight
    • Pin Spacing (pitch) : 0.1″ (2.54mm)
    • Wire Length : 20cm


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