Analog TDS Sensor


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This is Arduino Compatible with TDS Sensor, For measurement of water TDS The value of, TDS Values can be of the water of reaction and cleanliness Can be applied to domestic water, Hydroponic etc. in the field of water quality testing
Compatible5V,3.3VTwo kinds of control system
The excitation source is an alternating-current signal Effectively prevent the probe polarization
Waterproof Probe Long-term immersion in water measurement
Arduino Compatible Gravity Interface Simple connection Plug-and-play Without welding

Signal interface:
Input voltage:3.3~5.5V
Output signal:0~2.3V
Working current: 3~6mA
TDS Measurement range:0~1000ppm
TDS Measurement accuracy: +/- 10% F.S.(25 Celsius)
Module Interface:PH2.0-3P
The electrode interface:XH2.54-2P
TDS Probe:
Probe number:2
Overall length:83cm
Connection Interface:XH2.54-2P
Color: black
Material: plastic
Size: 4.3×3.3cm

Package Contents:
1 * TDS Signal interface
1 * Waterproof TDS Probe
1 * Gravity 3PIN The analog Sensor


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