Flame Sensor Digital Out


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A flame sensor with a “Digital Out” refers to a sensor that detects the presence or absence of flames and provides a digital output signal. This type of sensor typically has two possible states: ON or OFF (or 1 and 0), which are used to indicate the presence or absence of a flame.

When the sensor detects a flame or the presence of fire, it will provide a digital signal, usually a logic “1” or “HIGH” voltage level. When there is no flame or the flame goes out, it will provide a different signal, usually a logic “0” or “LOW” voltage level.

Flame sensors like this are commonly used in various applications where it’s important to detect the presence of a flame for safety or control purposes. For example, they can be found in fire alarm systems, gas appliances, industrial furnaces, and robotics applications to ensure the safety and control of operations involving fire or flames.


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