Dupont Female to Female 20cm #210


Dupont Female to Female 20cm


Dupont cables are commonly used in electronics and prototyping for making connections between various components, such as microcontrollers, sensors, and other electronic modules. “Dupont Female to Female 20cm” refers to a specific type of Dupont cable with female connectors on both ends, and it is 20 centimeters (about 7.87 inches) in length.

Here’s what each part of the term means:

1. **Dupont Cable:** A Dupont cable is a type of wire assembly with connectors that are compatible with Dupont-style headers. These connectors are often used on breadboards, sensors, and other electronic components.

2. **Female Connector:** A female connector is designed to accept and mate with male connectors. In the context of Dupont cables, female connectors typically have socket-style pins that can be plugged onto male header pins.

3. **20cm Length:** This specific Dupont cable is 20 centimeters in length. The length is measured from end to end, and it determines the distance over which you can make connections between components.

Dupont cables with female connectors on both ends are useful for extending or connecting components with male header pins, such as connecting an Arduino to a sensor on a breadboard. They provide a convenient and reliable way to make temporary or permanent connections within electronic circuits and projects. The 20cm length is suitable for many prototyping and wiring needs, as it offers flexibility while keeping connections neat and organized.


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