Dupont Male to Female 20cm #335


Dupont Male to Female 20cm

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A “Dupont Male to Female 20cm” cable typically refers to a jumper wire or cable with male Dupont connectors on one end and female Dupont connectors on the other end, and it has a length of approximately 20 centimeters (200mm). These cables are widely used in electronics, prototyping, and DIY projects to create connections between various components on a breadboard, microcontroller, or other electronic devices. Here are the key features and details of a Dupont Male to Female 20cm cable:

1. **Dupont Connectors:** Dupont connectors are a common type of connector used in electronics. The male connector has pins or solid wires, while the female connector has sockets or receptacles to receive the male pins. Dupont connectors are used for making easy and temporary connections in prototyping and development work.

2. **Male to Female:** “Male to Female” means that one end of the cable has a male Dupont connector, and the other end has a female Dupont connector. This allows you to plug one end into a component with male pins and the other end into a component with female sockets.

3. **20cm Length:** The cable is approximately 20 centimeters long. This length is suitable for connecting components on a standard-sized breadboard or for making connections within a project enclosure or circuit.

4. **Color Coding:** Dupont cables often come in various colors, making it easier to organize and identify connections in complex circuits.

5. **Flexible and Durable:** These cables are usually made of flexible and durable materials, such as PVC or silicone, to withstand repeated bending and usage.

6. **Versatility:** Dupont Male to Female cables are versatile and are used in various electronic projects, including Arduino projects, Raspberry Pi projects, and general prototyping. They can connect components like sensors, LEDs, microcontrollers, and more.

7. **Ease of Use:** The Dupont connectors on the cables make it easy to make and change connections without the need for soldering.

8. **Reusability:** These cables are reusable, allowing you to disconnect and reconnect components as needed during the development and testing of your projects.

Dupont Male to Female 20cm cables are valuable tools for electronics enthusiasts, hobbyists, and engineers, providing a convenient way to create and modify connections in electronic circuits and prototypes. Their ease of use and versatility make them a standard accessory in many electronics toolkits.


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