Insulated Ring Type Lugs Yellow RV3. 5-5


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Insulated Ring Type Lugs, often referred to as ring terminals, are electrical connectors designed for secure and reliable wire termination. The “RV3.5-5” designation specifies a specific type and size of ring lug with a yellow insulation color. These lugs are commonly used in electrical and electronic applications for connecting wires to various components, such as terminal blocks, switches, and electrical connectors.

Key Features:

Ring Type: The lugs are designed in a ring shape, which allows them to be securely attached to screws, bolts, or terminal posts for a robust electrical connection.

Insulated Design: The yellow color indicates that these lugs are insulated, providing electrical insulation and protection to prevent accidental contact with live electrical components.

Secure Wire Termination: Ring lugs are crimped or soldered onto the ends of wires to ensure a secure and long-lasting connection.

Color-Coded: The yellow color helps with visual identification and organization of wires and connections in electrical systems.

Versatile Size: The “RV3.5-5” specification denotes the size and compatibility of the ring lug, making it suitable for a specific range of wire diameters.

Durable Material: These lugs are typically made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-term reliability in electrical connections.


Electrical Wiring: Ring lugs are commonly used in electrical wiring for connecting wires to electrical components like switches, circuit breakers, and terminal blocks.

Automotive Wiring: In automotive applications, these lugs are used for connecting wires to batteries, starter motors, and electrical accessories.

Electrical Panels: They are used in electrical panels and control cabinets to ensure safe and reliable connections.

Marine and Boating: Ring lugs are employed in marine and boating applications to connect wires in electrical systems on boats and vessels.

DIY Electronics: Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts use ring lugs in electronics and electrical projects for secure wire terminations.

Insulated Ring Type Lugs, like the RV3.5-5, are essential components for creating safe and reliable electrical connections. Their insulated design provides an extra layer of safety, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, from household electrical wiring to automotive and marine installations, and various DIY projects.


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