JST 2 pin 2.54mm 30 cm #1028


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A **JST 2-pin 2.54mm 30cm** cable or connector typically refers to a cable with a JST (Japan Solderless Terminal) connector that has 2 pins and a 2.54mm pitch. Let’s break down what each of these specifications means:

1. **JST Connector:** JST is a brand that specializes in manufacturing various types of electrical connectors. The term “JST” is often used generically to describe connectors that are similar in design and compatibility with JST connectors. These connectors are known for their reliability and ease of use.

2. **2-pin:** This indicates that the connector has two pins or terminals. Two-pin connectors are commonly used for simple electrical connections, typically for power or signal transmission.

3. **2.54mm Pitch:** The “2.54mm” pitch refers to the distance between the centers of adjacent pins or terminals on the connector. A 2.54mm pitch is equivalent to 0.1 inches, which is a standard pitch commonly used in electronics. This pitch is often associated with through-hole components and prototyping.

4. **30cm Cable:** The “30cm” measurement represents the length of the cable. In this case, the cable is 30 centimeters long. This length can vary depending on the specific application or the manufacturer’s specifications.

JST connectors with 2 pins and a 2.54mm pitch are commonly used for various purposes in electronics and electrical projects. They provide a secure and reliable connection for applications such as power supply connections, sensor connections, and more. The 30cm length of the cable allows for flexibility in connecting components or devices that are not located directly adjacent to each other.

When working with JST connectors, it’s important to ensure that the connectors are mated correctly to avoid reversals or misalignments. Additionally, verify the polarity and pinout to ensure that the electrical connections are made correctly. These connectors are often used in a wide range of electronics projects and are a valuable component for reliable connections.


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