Keypad Matrix 3X4


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A Keypad Matrix 3X4 is a compact and versatile input device commonly used in electronics and embedded systems to allow users to enter numeric and limited character input. It consists of a grid of 12 buttons arranged in a 3×4 matrix configuration, enabling users to select numbers and functions by pressing the appropriate keys. This type of keypad is widely used in applications such as calculators, security systems, door access control, and various electronic devices.

Key Features:

Matrix Configuration: The keypad features a grid layout, typically organized into three rows and four columns, creating a 3×4 matrix of buttons.

Compact Design: Its compact and ergonomic design makes it suitable for integration into various devices where space is limited.

Numeric and Limited Character Input: The keypad allows users to input numeric digits (0-9) and a limited set of characters, typically including ‘*’ and ‘#’.

Tactile Buttons: Each button is usually equipped with a tactile switch, providing a satisfying feedback when pressed.

Durable Construction: Keypads are designed to be durable, with buttons that can withstand repeated use over an extended period.

Wiring Connections: They typically have a straightforward wiring system, often involving 7 or 8 pins for connecting to a microcontroller or other control circuit.

Easy Integration: Keypad matrices are easy to integrate into electronics projects and are often compatible with microcontrollers like Arduino or Raspberry Pi.


Calculators: Commonly used as keypads in calculators and other mathematical devices.

Security Systems: Integrated into security systems, such as alarm keypads, to input security codes.

Door Access Control: Utilized for entering access codes in door security systems.

DIY Electronics: A fundamental component for DIY electronics enthusiasts creating custom projects and devices.

POS Terminals: Employed in point-of-sale (POS) terminals for entering product codes and values.

Embedded Systems: Integrated into various embedded systems where user input is required.

Automated Machines: Used in machines and devices that require user interaction and data entry.

The Keypad Matrix 3X4 is a versatile and practical input device suitable for a wide range of applications that require numeric or limited character input. Its compact design, durable construction, and compatibility with microcontrollers make it an essential component for creating interactive electronic projects and devices.


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