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MG995 360 Degree

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The “MG995” is a type of servo motor, and when you mention “360 Degree,” it may refer to a servo motor with the ability to rotate continuously in a full 360-degree circle, unlike standard servo motors that have a limited range of motion, typically around 180 degrees. Here are some key details about the MG995 servo motor:

1. **MG995 Servo Motor**: The MG995 is a standard-sized servo motor widely used in robotics, remote-control vehicles, and other applications that require precise control of the motor’s position. It’s known for its reliability and affordability.

2. **360-Degree Continuous Rotation**: Some versions or modifications of the MG995 servo motor are modified to allow continuous rotation, meaning they can rotate indefinitely in either direction without the usual positional limitations of standard servo motors.

3. **Features**: The MG995 typically features a gearbox, a motor, and control circuitry. It can be controlled with a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal to set its position or speed, depending on the specific application.

4. **Torque and Speed**: The MG995 servo motor is capable of providing a certain level of torque and speed, which makes it suitable for various applications, including moving robot arms, steering vehicles, or controlling other mechanical components.

5. **Voltage**: MG995 servo motors are designed to operate at a specific voltage, typically around 4.8V to 6V. It’s important to provide the motor with the correct voltage to ensure proper performance.

6. **Compatibility**: These servo motors are compatible with microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and various other control systems. Libraries and code examples are often available for programming and controlling them.

7. **Applications**: The MG995 servo motor, especially in its 360-degree modified version, is often used in robotics, camera pan-tilt systems, RC (remote control) vehicles, and other applications that require continuous rotation with precise control.

When using an MG995 servo motor, ensure that you have the correct power supply and control signal. The specific capabilities of the servo motor, including torque, speed, and rotation range, may vary, so it’s important to check the datasheet or product specifications for the particular model you are using. If you have a modified MG995 for 360-degree rotation, it can be particularly useful for applications where continuous rotation is required.


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