mx25l4006e SMD IC


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Key Features
• Hold Feature
• Low Power Consumption
• Auto Erase and Auto Program Algorithms
• Provides sequential read operation on whole chip

• Supports Serial Peripheral Interface — Mode 0 and
Mode 3
• 4,194,304 x 1 bit structure or 2,097,152 x 2 bits (Dual
Output mode) structure
• 128 Equal Sectors with 4K byte each
– Any Sector can be erased individually
• 8 Equal Blocks with 64K byte each
– Any Block can be erased individually
• Single Power Supply Operation
– 2.7 to 3.6 volt for read, erase, and program operations
• Latch-up protected to 100mA from -1V to Vcc +1V


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