Pin Header Male Round 2 pcs #96


Pin Header Male Round


A “Pin Header Male Round” typically refers to a component used in electronics and PCB (printed circuit board) assembly. It is a type of connector with round or cylindrical pins that are designed for mounting on a PCB. These pin headers are often used to create a connection interface for other components, such as jumper wires, connectors, or other boards. Here are some key characteristics and uses of pin header male round connectors:

1. **Round Pins:** As the name suggests, these pin headers have cylindrical or round pins that protrude from the bottom of the connector. The round shape of the pins allows for a secure and reliable connection.

2. **Number of Pins:** Pin header connectors come in various configurations, with a different number of pins. Common options include single-row and double-row headers with varying pin counts, such as 1×2, 1×40, 2×5, and so on.

3. **Pitch:** The pitch of a pin header refers to the spacing between adjacent pins. Common pitches include 2.54mm (0.1 inches) and 2.0mm, among others. The pitch determines how the pin header aligns with the PCB and other components.

4. **Mounting:** Pin headers are typically mounted onto a PCB through soldering. They have through-hole pins, which means the pins pass through holes in the PCB and are soldered on the other side for a secure electrical connection.

5. **Male Connector:** Pin headers are considered male connectors because they have protruding pins. Female connectors (e.g., receptacles) are designed to accept these pins.

6. **Versatile Usage:** Pin headers are used for various purposes, such as connecting jumper wires, ribbon cables, sensors, display modules, and other PCBs or components to the main board. They provide a standardized and reliable method for establishing electrical connections.

7. **Customizable Length:** Some pin header connectors come as strips or rows of pins that can be cut to a specific length to match the required number of pins.

8. **Materials:** Pin header connectors are typically made from materials like brass or tin-plated brass. The choice of material can affect factors such as durability and electrical conductivity.

9. **Plating:** The pins of pin headers are often plated to improve their electrical conductivity and prevent corrosion. Common plating materials include gold, silver, and tin.

10. **Polarization:** Some pin headers feature a polarization or keying feature, such as a notch or groove, to ensure proper alignment during assembly.

Pin headers are a fundamental component in electronics and PCB design, providing a reliable means of establishing electrical connections. They are commonly used in hobbyist projects, prototyping, and commercial electronic products to create a standardized interface for various components and peripherals.


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