Power Supply (Dual) 5v-12v #878


Power Supply (Dual) 5v-12v

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A “Power Supply (Dual) 5V-12V” typically refers to a power supply unit or module that is capable of providing dual voltage outputs, which can be selected between 5 volts and 12 volts. This type of power supply is often used in electronic and electrical projects where you need flexibility in choosing the voltage level for different components or devices. Here’s a breakdown of the information:

1. **Power Supply**: This is a device or module that converts an input voltage (usually from an AC wall outlet or DC source) into one or more specified output voltages, which are then used to power electronic circuits and devices.

2. **Dual Voltage Output**: “Dual” in the description indicates that the power supply has two selectable voltage outputs. In this case, these two outputs are set to either 5 volts or 12 volts, depending on your requirements.

3. **5V-12V**: These numbers represent the voltage options that you can choose for your power supply. You can typically select either 5 volts or 12 volts as the output voltage, and it can be switched or adjusted as needed.

**Key Features and Applications**:

– **Voltage Selection**: Dual power supplies with selectable output voltages are useful when you have components or devices that require different voltage levels in the same circuit or project.

– **Flexibility**: This type of power supply provides flexibility in powering various components, allowing you to choose the voltage that best suits each part of your project.

– **Electronic Projects**: It’s commonly used in electronics and DIY projects for powering microcontrollers, sensors, motors, and other electronic components.

– **Switchable**: Some dual power supplies allow you to switch between the two output voltages, while others may have variable voltage controls for precise adjustments.

– **Protection Features**: Quality power supplies often include protection features like overcurrent and overvoltage protection to safeguard connected devices.

When using a dual power supply with selectable voltage outputs, ensure that you set the voltage to the appropriate level for each component or device to prevent damage or malfunction. Also, consider the current capacity of the power supply to meet the requirements of your connected devices.


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