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As the generate heat of SSR is too high, SSR must be loaded on Radiator when the current of load is over 10A.
And there are must put the thermal Grease Compound between SSR and Radiator.
In meanwhile, the cooling fan is necessary when the current is over 60A.
The Ratio depend on The kind of loading for your Equipment.

Resistive load: 60%
Inductive load: 30%
Input Voltage 3-32VDC 12mA &12V
Output Control Load 5-60VDC/5-200VAC(5-80Amp)
Control type Isolated by photo couple
Response time ON<10ms/OFF<20ms
Voltage withstand Over 2.5Kvac/1Min
Insulating strengh Over 50m/500DC
Dimension 63*45*23.2mm


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