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This voltmeter has the smallest volume, DC range DC0-100V, universal for 2-wire and 3-wire products, breaking the conventional voltmeter, is the latest design.
1. It can work directly in 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V and other circuits without voltage regulation.
2. It is equipped with three wires for easy access to the car/battery/motorcycle car line. It has reverse connection protection function, and the wire connection will not burn.
3. It is used to monitor the battery voltage, grasp the battery voltage status in time, and can also be used for voltage measurement of other products.
Note that the maximum input voltage of the 2-wire cannot exceed 30V, otherwise there is a danger of burning.
Note: The three-wire use voltage range is 0-100V, which can also be used for two-wire but the voltage should be within 40V.

1. The product has good stability and high measurement accuracy.
2. The appearance is standard size and easy to install.
3. The power supply uses a polarity protection circuit.

Technical Parameters:
2-wire working voltage: 4.0-40V (with reverse connection protection)
2-wire detection voltage: 0.0-40V
3-wire working voltage: 4.0-40V (with reverse connection protection)
3-wire detection voltage: 0.0-100V
Working current: <20 mA
Display mode: 0.28″ LED red, green, blue, yellow optional
Measurement rate: ≥200mS/time
Measurement accuracy: 0.3%
Size: 30x12x9mm/1.18×0.47×0.35″
Paage weight: 5 g
Color: Red

Extreme working conditions:
Low operating voltage: 4.0V +
Maximum working voltage: 40V +
Working temperature: -10~+ 65°C
Working humidity: 10~80% (no condensation)
Working pressure: 80~106kPa
Sunlight: no direct illumination


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