Zener diode 1n5231b 5.1v 2 pcs #216


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The 1N5231B is a specific type of Zener diode, and in this case, it is a 5.1-volt Zener diode. Here’s what this means:

1. **Zener Diode:** A Zener diode is a specialized semiconductor diode that is designed to maintain a constant voltage across its terminals when operated in the reverse-biased mode. This voltage is known as the Zener voltage (or Zener knee voltage), and it’s determined by the diode’s construction.

2. **1N5231B:** The “1N5231B” is a part number or designation that identifies the specific Zener diode model. It’s a common naming convention used for electronic components, and it helps identify the diode’s characteristics.

3. **5.1V:** The “5.1V” indicates the Zener voltage of the diode. When the diode is connected in the reverse-biased direction and the voltage across its terminals reaches or exceeds 5.1 volts, it will begin to conduct, effectively maintaining a constant voltage of 5.1 volts across its terminals. This feature makes Zener diodes useful for voltage regulation and voltage reference applications.

Zener diodes are often used in electronic circuits to provide a stable and precise voltage reference or to protect sensitive components from voltage spikes by clamping the voltage at a specific level. The 1N5231B Zener diode, with its 5.1-volt Zener voltage, is used in circuits where a stable 5.1-volt reference or voltage limiting is required.


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